Start a Photography Blog

How to Start a Photography Blog?

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro in photography, you’re probably wondering what’s the best way to share your beautiful photo work with the rest of the world. While there are many social networking platforms such as Instagram, Google Photos, or even Flickr, that are ideal for this sort of thing, you might want to start a photography blog.

Below are effective tips on how to successfully set up a photography blog.

#1 Establish why you want to start a photography blog

Perhaps you’re looking to create a professional site to sell your photo work or you’re looking to share your beautiful photos with the world. Either way, you’ll need to consider your reasons for setting up a photography blog. Professional photographers might consider purchasing own domain for professionalism. On the other hand, recreational work might just use free domains and blogging sites.

#2 Articulate the purpose of your blog to your audience

Of course, with the big stream of tweets, new clips, and emails, attention spans are short. Making your blog stand out and get noticed amid all other apps, sites, and feed can be a little involving. Professionals will want to make their new readers articulate what your blog is about in less than five seconds. How about choosing a specific niche such as oceans, wildlife or buildings? You can also opt to have a descriptive name to give a sense of purpose. Keep in mind, when your readers can’t figure out what your blog is all about, they’ll quickly move elsewhere.

#3 Choose your Audience

Once you’ve settled on your outcome, you’ve got to determine whom you are blogging for. Unfortunately, many photographers miss this step when setting up photography blogs. Is it for your friends, family, or your clients? Considering your audience is a major factor that determines the kind of blog you’ll be setting up.

#4 Set up your Blogging Site

You’ve got to know how to set up your blogging platform. First, you’ll need to select a blogging platform that best suits your needs. While there are some free blog hosting platforms out there, you might want to consider using a self-hosted platform. Then, select a domain name that best suits your photography blog. You’ll need to spend some adequate time when selecting your domain name. A good domain name ought to be short, precise, memorable, and one that expresses your photography niche. Later, you can work on registering your domain alongside selecting a hosting service.

#5 Keep your Blogging platform updated

While regular updates do not guarantee the success of your blogging platform, posting new content consistently is worthwhile. A number of photographers start photography blogs and remain active for a while before leaving their blogs dormant. How about developing a predictable way to post new content on the site? Platforms such as WordPress allow one to schedule new posts. Hence, you’ll not have to worry about when to post new content on your blog.

Photography blog is a creative outlet for any photographer. When you create one, you’ll not only showcase your photo work, but also improve SEO, audience, and even extra income and opportunities.